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nutmeg supplier in the USA
Nutmeg Whole A/B
Buy whole nutmeg in bulk
nutmeg supplier in the USA
Nutmeg Whole A/B
Buy whole nutmeg in bulk
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Premium Whole Nutmeg A/B

$8,200.00 per M/T (2200 lbs)

Our whole nutmeg has the highest oil content compared to other regions, about 80%-100%. As a result, our nutmeg’s warm-spicy taste and sweet aroma perfectly match your food and beverage production. 

Buying bulk raw ingredients in one-time purchases reduces the cost of raw ingredients for food manufacturers, which is more cost-effective. Order by container directly from us, your reliable spice importer.

Quantity Price
2-3 M/T $8,800.00
3-10 M/T $8,500.00
>10 M/T $8,200.00

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About Whole Nutmeg Bulk

Carefully handpicked by our farmers, our whole nutmeg is insecticide-free and has 0% harmful chemicals.

Our Indonesian whole nutmeg contains 80-100% essential oil content, higher compared to other regions.

We ensure to clean our bulk whole nutmeg before we distribute it to your business.

With its slightly spicy, fragrant, and sweet aroma, our whole nutmeg will add a new characteristic to your foods.

We hand-sorted our product to ensure rejected-quality whole nutmeg is not included.

ABC Quality Nutmeg 

ABC quality nutmeg is the #1 grade nutmeg with no broken parts and a perfect whole round-shaped. The ‘all good’ characteristics make it the safest nutmeg grade for direct food applications. 

  • Moisture content: Average 10%
  • No damage – Undamaged nutmeg making the seeds weigh relatively heavy
  • Fungal-free – A perfect match for baked goods, sauces, or whatever dishes you’re thinking of!

SS Grade Nutmeg 

SS (sound shriveled) nutmeg ranks second in the grade-classification category with undamaged parts and whole round-shaped.

  • No pest infection – All-hygienic nutmeg with average 10% moisture content
  • Perfect shape – Whole-shaped wrinkled seed without damage, making it weigh relatively heavy
  • High volatile content – Oleoresin extraction & essential oil distillation soulmate!

Broken Nutmeg 

BWP (broken, wormed, and punctured) nutmeg is also known as the #3 quality nutmeg. It’s a combination of incomplete, shriveled, and moldy nutmeg. 

  • High essential oil content – Suitable for essential oil distillation
  • Broken shape – Easily grind for nutmeg powder or powder seasoning
  • Moisture content: Average 11%
whole nutmeg
nutmeg supplier in the USA

How Are Whole Nutmeg Grown?

Our farmers grow the whole nutmeg in bulk in the fertile soil under the Indonesian tropical climate. It takes about five years for nutmeg trees to grow fruits. These fruits are collected when they split up and show their mace or crimson-colored layer covering the nutmeg seeds.

Additional Information

Additional information

Essential Oil Content


Four Grade Availabe

A, AA, AAA, Broken

Health Check

This product does not contain any preservatives, sugars or additives.


100% Whole Nutmeg from Indonesia

Frequently Asked Questions

Country of Origin: Indonesia

To preserve our whole clove’s purity, we only source them directly from where it belongs. Essence Food & Beverage, LLC continuously supplies the whole nutmeg in bulk directly from our farmers in Indonesia and sends it to the U.S.

Whole nutmeg in bulk is a perfect all-natural seasoning for meat-based dishes, marinade ingredients for meat products, baked goods, or additional flavor enhancers in the Asian recipes you cook. For another application, try to pair grated whole nutmeg with a hot brew like tea for extra flavor.

Learn more about nutmeg grades to find which grade is your product’s perfect match here.

Yes, you deserve high-quality nutmeg at the lowest price. Order online and save more on your nutmeg wholesale purchase. Get your nutmeg wholesale price by connecting with our nutmeg specialist here.

Your buying experience and convenience are our priority. We offer flexible payment terms for our whole nutmeg bulk purchase. We are flexible to opening a letter of credit, the domestic transaction with the contract, and other options for documentation upon your request. For other forms of payment, please contact us

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