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nutmeg supplier in USA
buy Nutmeg in bulk
nutmeg supplier in USA
buy Nutmeg in bulk
SGS certification and FDA facility

Nutmeg Ground

$5,500.00 per M/T (2200 lbs)

Ground nutmeg is a powdered-form, raw ingredient from the whole nutmeg. Finely grinded in soft powder form, bulk ground nutmeg is used when copious amounts are needed for flavoring purposes – commercial use. 

From the early days of nutmeg, this classic baking spice was found in cuisine and medicinal practices, considering the health benefits of ground nutmeg consumption. Without a doubt, ground nutmeg is your go-to choice to replace artificial seasoning products for your recipes.

Quantity Price
2-3 M/T $6,100.00
3-10 M/T $5,800.00
>10 M/T $5,500.00

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About Ground Nutmeg in Bulk

No additional mixture.

No GMOs, artificial flavoring agents, and chemical ingredients giving you its original taste.

Processed with advanced machines to reduce any impurities in nutmeg ground in bulk.

Our nutmeg ground has proven to have a soft powder substance and is lump-free.

Licensed with SGS certification and made in an FDA-registered facility.

Ground nutmeg
nutmeg supplier in USA

How Is Ground Nutmeg Made?

Our ground nutmeg in bulk originally comes from the whole nutmeg in bulk, a 100% natural ingredient. We take pride in the quality of its essence grown in Indonesia.. Additional fillers like artificial flavorings, harmful chemicals, and other additives are strictly forbidden in producing our ground nutmeg.

Additional Information

Additional information

Minimum Quality Order

20" 17000 kg

Lead Time

10 – 15 business day, Bill of Landing


100% Natural nutmeg from Indonesia

Health Check

This product does not contain any preservatives, sugars or additives.


Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, German, Greek, Indian, Italian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, Southeast Asia

Frequently Asked Questions

Until the time of this writing, we only utilized the whole nutmeg in bulk directly from the source as the key ingredient for our ground nutmeg. We supply our nutmeg in bulk from Indonesia to be processed into fine powder nutmeg.

Ground nutmeg is best used as an all-natural seasoning option for baked goods, pungent-taste delicacies, or additional flavor for beverages. Turn the bland-taste dishes into flavorful ones by adding ground nutmeg to your pumpkin pie, Asian cuisines, hot tea, eggnog, or seasoning ingredients for meat products.

Yes, we offer wholesale nutmeg prices for every wholesale nutmeg purchase. Pay less with our online order. Connect with our spice specialist today to get the nutmeg wholesale price here.

Your buying experience and convenience are our priority. We offer flexible payment terms for our ground nutmeg in bulk purchase. We are flexible to opening a letter of credit, the domestic transaction with the contract, and other options for documentation upon your request. For other forms of payment, please contact us.

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