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Who We Are

Essence Food and Beverage, LLC (a vdirect-trade vanilla supplier) was founded with one goal in mind: To cultivate and supply world-class vanilla and spices of the highest caliber.

Our commitment to simplifying and shortening the supply chain from Indonesia to the US has impacted all involved including farmers, villages, communities, and the world.

Our Mission as A Direct-Trade Vanilla Supplier

We believe everyone should have access to real ingredients harvested at its purity of essence.

From the founding of Essence Food & Beverage, LLC in 2019, our focus has been on building long-lasting relationships through awareness and empowerment for a healthier life. We thrive on value, meaning the lowest cost at the highest quality bulk vanilla beans, every time.

Your One-Stop Shop for Bulk Vanilla Beans and Spices in Bulk

As a division of PT Jaffarindo International, Essence Food & Beverage and its sister companies specialize in shortening the supply chain from Indonesia to the US. We source, produce, package, import, and deliver all-natural Indonesian spices, bulk vanilla beans, and vanilla bean powder bulk. Our approach is simple, there is no middlemen between you and the freshest spices.

One thing is for certain, our long-term partnership with Indonesian farmers enable us to protect food manufacturers, businesses, and factories from surging prices. In fact, purchasing from a direct-trade vanilla supplier will bring you more net profit due to its competitive prices, specifically in one-time bulk spice purchases.

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Product Traceability

We carefully check our ingredients, starting from their cultivation to the post-shipment process. After undergoing a triple-check-inspection process, our raw ingredients are sent directly to the U.S. from Indonesia with a trackable notification system, which allows you to self-track your order and minimize delays. Last but not least, our continuing product guarantees will cover you from any undesirable damage throughout the shipping process.

Sustainably Grown

As a direct-trade vanilla supplier, we are passionate about creating meaningful differences through our sustainable supply chain. Throughout our plantation to the distribution process, our impact on the environment and local communities become our primary concern in building an ethical, environmental business, and generating economic outcomes simultaneously. 

In order to achieve this goal, we are cooperating with our sister company which shares the same vision in creating sustainable agricultural practices, PT. Jaffarindo International Indonesia. Starting from supplying our spices in bulk for the end-to-end supply chain, we limit chemical materials, empower locals, and engage with our customers throughout the process.

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Social Responsibility

We are fully aware of every life we empower in providing excellent quality spices. Thus, we serve as a trusted, reliable partner for our forefront teams; our farmers. We built a strong 20-year relationship and worked closely with our farmers through cooperation with PT. Jaffarindo International Indonesia. Without a doubt, creating a bright future for our Indonesian farmers by empowering them through our spices plantations and products’ fair trade is our commitment.

Business owners have taken advantage of farmer’s unions in Indonesia for decades. By identifying and broadcasting the gap in commodities prices between farmers and business owners to the union, we successfully created a fair trade system that gives much more value to developing countries like Indonesia. Every penny you spend with us will automatically give back to local farmers and their families.

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