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cinnamon powder supplier in USA
ground cinnamon in bulk indonesia
Report of analysis for cinnamon powder in bulk
cinnamon powder supplier in USA
ground cinnamon in bulk indonesia
Report of analysis for cinnamon powder in bulk
SGS certification and FDA facility

Cassia Cinnamon Powder

$2,200.00 per M/T (2200 lbs)

Buy the freshest spice directly from the source at the best market price. Our Cassia cinnamon powder in bulk is finely grounded without additional components. The Indonesian-origin cinnamon ground has a superior and rich aroma, surpassing any other grown cinnamon. 

Our pure ground Cassia cinnamon in bulk reveals citrusy, pungent, woody, and sweet flavor notes. Its vibrant taste is the best fit for culinary applications as a healthier substitute for artificial flavorings.

Quantity Price
2-3 M/T $2,800.00
3-10 M/T $2,500.00
>10 M/T $2,200.00

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About Bulk Cassia Cinnamon Powder

Maintain its freshness with high-quality machines without too much human intervention.

100% pure ground cinnamon without additives, artificial sweeteners, or harmful ingredients.

Our cinnamon powder contains 4-6% essential oil resulting in a stronger flavor and aroma.

Our pure ground cinnamon is made in an FDA-registered facility & certified with SGS certification.

About Bulk Cassia Cinnamon Powder
cinnamon powder supplier in USA

How Is Cassia Cinnamon Powder Made?

Our bulk ground cinnamon comes in a powder form, 100% natural, and made from ground Cassia cinnamon sticks. It’s finely grounded to your desired mesh blend. This is a raw ingredient – pure, without preservatives and chemical amplifiers.

Additional Information

Additional information

Minimum Quantity Order

20" 16000 kg

Lead Time

10 – 15 business days, Bill of Lading


Pure ground cinnamon

Health Check

This product does not contain any preservatives, sugars, or additives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indonesia is the biggest supplier of Cassia cinnamon sticks worldwide. Therefore, we continuously supply our gourmet cinnamon sticks from where it’s naturally cultivated. Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is a reliable bulk cinnamon powder supplier. We processed only cinnamon sticks directly from Indonesia to produce bulk pure ground cinnamon and delivered by pallet or 20 ft. containers.

Cassia cinnamon powder bulk is primarily used as an additional all-natural flavoring for various foods and beverage recipes. Feel the heavy cinnamon flavor in your baked goods; our bulk Cassia cinnamon powder is a perfect raw ingredient for baking cinnamon buns, cinnamon pastries, and cinnamon cakes. Add our powdered-form cinnamon to hot brews like hot cinnamon chocolate and cinnamon-flavored tea for other variations.

Your buying experience and convenience are our priority. We offer flexible payment terms for our spices in bulk purchases. We are flexible to opening a letter of credit, the domestic transaction with the contract, and other options for documentation upon your request. For other forms of payment, please contact us.

Indonesia is the biggest producer of high-quality Cassia cinnamon sticks across the globe. As a direct-trade cinnamon supplier, we only supply our cinnamon sticks from our farmers’ plantations in Indonesia. Therefore, only Indonesian-origin cinnamon sticks are turned into our pure ground cinnamon.

Yes, absolutely. You deserve the highest quality spice at the most affordable price. Connect with our spice specialist or request a quote for your bulk cinnamon order here today.

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