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supplier of cinnamon stick
natural Cassia Cinnamon supplier
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supplier of cinnamon stick
natural Cassia Cinnamon supplier
SGS for cinnamon broken
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Cassia Cinnamon Stick

$5,000.00 per M/T (2200 lbs)

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC serves as your trusted supplier of Cassia cinnamon sticks in bulk. Cinnamon sticks are available in A, AA, AAA, & broken grades

These cassia bulk cinnamon sticks reveal a pungent taste from 0.9% and 7% of their essential oil content. Our Cassia cinnamon sticks can be used more than once due to their intense flavor. It’s a perfect match for food and beverage applications, hot and cold.

Quantity Price
2-3 M/T $5,600.00
3-10 M/T $5,300.00
>10 M/T $5,000.00

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About Bulk Cassia Cinnamon Stick

Our cassia cinnamon stick bulk is customized-free as requested (2.75 – 3 inches).

Insecticides-free, proved by SGS’ laboratory test.

As the supplier of Cassia cinnamon sticks bulk, we exclusively imported from a single estate in Java Island, Indonesia.

Can be used in more than a single usage due to its high concentration of essential oil (0.9 – 7%).

#1 Cassia cinnamon sticks supplier delivers various choices of grades of cassia cinnamon sticks in bulk; A, AA, AAA, and broken, which you can choose according to your needs. 

About Bulk Cassia Cinnamon Sticks
Cinnamon stick supplier in the United States

How Are Cassia Cinnamon Sticks Grown?

Our bulk Cassia cinnamon sticks derive from Cinnamomum trees cultivated in Indonesia. During harvesting time, our farmers peel off the first layer of the tree with a coppicing technique and traditionally cure the trees’ inner bark layer.

Additional Information

Additional information

Essential oil content

From 0.9% and 7%

We offer custom

Size cutting requests for bulk cinnamon order


100% Natural Cinnamon Stick from Indonesia

Health Check

This product does not contain any preservatives, sugars or additives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC supplies you with Cassia cinnamon sticks worldwide, mainly in the United States area. We deliver bulk Cassia cinnamon sticks directly from Indonesia to the U.S. without middlemen’s interference. Purchase your bulk Cassia cinnamon sticks through a sustainable supply chain here.

Yes, we provide cinnamon sticks wholesale prices for your cinnamon sticks wholesale order. Purchase today and get our interesting offer. Contact us here for more information regarding our cinnamon sticks wholesale pricing.

Indonesia is the best source of Cassia cinnamon sticks. As our commitment is to provide our clients with aromatic spice directly from the source, we continuously supply Cassia cinnamon stick bulk from Indonesia. This way, we guarantee the best quality of our Cassia cinnamon sticks by delivering from where they originated.

Read our article to find out more about how Indonesia harvests bulk Cassia cinnamon sticks.

The sweet and earthy flavor notes of our Cassia cinnamon stick in bulk are dispersed more fully through baked goods, giving it a richer and more pleasing signature flavor of the cinnamon spice. Use Cassia cinnamon sticks for baking cinnamon pastries, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon brownies, or any other baked goods.

Your buying experience and convenience are our priority. We offer flexible payment terms for our Cassia cinnamon stick in bulk purchase. We are flexible to opening a letter of credit, the domestic transaction with the contract, and other options for documentation upon your request. For other forms of payment, please contact us

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