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Different Grades of Wholesale Nutmeg

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For many bakers, nutmeg is merely an oval-shaped brown seed sitting in your kitchen inventory for baking or cooking. However, that’s not the only end for the bulk nutmeg. The nutmeg-quality grades play a role in determining the end use of your nutmeg in bulk. From SS grade, ABC grade, to broken nutmeg grade, some are best used for culinary purposes, while others are… better not.

Know more about the grades of wholesale nutmeg and its characteristics with us. You’ll further discover:

ABC Quality Nutmeg – The Food’s Soulmate

ABC quality nutmeg is the #1 grade nutmeg with no broken parts and a whole round-shaped. It’s a mixed-up of same-quality bulk nutmeg in various sizes and commonly offered both with or without shell. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology, ABC quality bulk nutmeg has the characteristics of perfect shape, no damage, relatively heavy seed, and fungal-free. These ‘all good’ characteristics make it the safest and most typical nutmeg grade for direct food applications. Just be creative with the recipes, whether it’s baked goods, sauces, or whatever dishes you’re thinking of!

Important to mention, you might hear ‘AB’ labeled nutmeg in bulk if you’re buying wholesale nutmeg. Don’t confuse it with ABC-quality nutmeg in bulk. It’s actually the same quality. The only difference it reveals is the pieces count per kilogram. AB quality nutmeg in bulk contains around 200-215 pieces per kilogram, while ABC quality nutmeg in bulk usually contains around 250-260 pieces per kilogram.

SS Grade Nutmeg – Essential Oil Application

grades of wholesale nutmeg

A fun fact to know, the two letters are actually an abbreviation for ‘sound shriveled’ or a trading name for substandard nutmeg. Guess from its name, you’ll instantly know what it looks like. Yes, a wrinkled-surface bulk nutmeg!

SS nutmeg ranks second in the grade-classification category with undamaged parts and whole round-shaped. Another thing to note, SS nutmeg is offered without shell when sold commercially. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology, SS nutmeg reveals characteristics that are not much different from ABC-quality nutmeg. No pest infection, relatively heavy seed, and whole-shaped seed.

On the flip side, SS quality nutmeg is turned for other applications instead of a culinary ingredient. Most of the time, SS-grade nutmeg is turned to oleoresin extraction (the extraction and blending process of raw ingredients and resin) or essential oil distillation. It’s due to the fact that this kind of nutmeg holds a higher volatile content than the other types.

Broken Nutmeg – Volatile Oil Ingredient

Last but not least, the BWP (broken, wormed, and punctured) nutmeg. The broken nutmeg is a combination of incomplete, shriveled, and moldy nutmeg. For this reason, BWP nutmeg is also known as the #3 quality nutmeg. Based on the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology, BWP nutmeg is identifiable by characteristics of damaged parts, lightweight, infected by pest or fungal, and wrinkled.

Aside from the unattractive shape, broken nutmeg still possesses essential oil content. Although the percentage is lower than the other types. When it comes to the usage of broken nutmeg, manufacturers often turn BWP nutmeg in bulk for nutmeg powder or grind it for essential oils and culinary spices.

Where to Buy Bulk Nutmeg in the United States?

Each grade brings different characteristics to the table. By understanding the difference, it will be easier for you to find your perfect match based on your needs. Now that you have a better understanding of different nutmeg characteristics, the choice comes down to your preferences.

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is a direct-trade nutmeg supplier that provides various grades of wholesale nutmeg. We have served countless global food manufacturers and aromatherapy with Indonesian-origin nutmeg that contains high essential oil. This allows you to impart stronger flavor and aroma to your products.

Our commodity is independently sourced without middlemen, making us capable of providing the most competitive prices to you. Buy nutmeg directly from our domestic farmers here now.

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