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Why Manufacturers Use Vanilla Bean Powder Over Artificial Flavorings?

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If you are a professional chef and have cooked or baked with vanilla before, you might have come across vanilla products. Vanilla extract, vanilla bean paste, and ground vanilla pods to name a few. It is important to not confuse ground vanilla pods with vanilla powder. What is the difference? Let’s break down the most common uses of vanilla.

  • Vanilla extract are liquids that contain alcohol soaking bulk vanilla bean pods to adopt the pure flavor and aroma.
  • Vanilla paste contains vanilla powder (sugars) and other ingredients that make it non natural; glycerin.
  • Vanilla powder is typically mixed with sugars making it a white powder. Knowing this fact is the best way to not fall into the trap of artificial vanilla and all-natural vanilla.

Vanilla powder is white, and vanilla bean powder is a fine brown/black powder, oftentimes also called pure ground vanilla beans.

Now that we have a general understanding of the types of vanilla extractions, we will discover the advantages of pure vanilla bean powder.

Don’t be confused by so-called “pure” vanilla powders which consist of dextrose (or some other sugar compound), layered with vanilla extract. The white color of these powders gives away that they’re mostly sugar. Essence Food and Beverage supplies dark brown ground vanilla —pure ground vanilla bean powder—period. It contains no other ingredients or additives whatsoever!

What Are the Benefits of Vanilla Bean Powder?

Pure vanilla powder is a smooth, natural, vegan, and fine solid. It means that it’s a perfect option for foods or beverages that can’t handle additional liquid. For example, adding extra liquid or vanilla extract to muffins can sometimes result in a coarser bake. Or teas using ground vanilla pods over vanilla powder improve the overall quality and support a healthy choice over sugars.

When you add vanilla essence/extract to products that require intense heating, the alcohol can evaporate. Thus, it’ll leave your custard or other baked goods a less intense flavor.

Conversely, vanilla bean powder does not have this issue, meaning that you can still enjoy a delicious vanilla taste.

As the flavor of powder is more concentrated, you can also use less of it. In other words, it cuts the cost of bulk orders over other types of vanilla flavorings.

Vanilla bean powder from Indonesia does not contain any preservatives, sugars or additives. This rich brown/black powder is highly scented with a complex floral aroma, similar to the actual Planifolia vanilla pods grinded in bulk.

What Can Pure Vanilla Powder Be Used for?

pure vanilla powder use

You can use ground vanilla pods to add a delicious vanilla flavor to any food, pastry, or beverage. Especially for large-quantity goods production.

Otherwise, sprinkle it on top to decorate and add an extra original taste of vanilla beans. Vanilla bean powder is definitely the finest natural flavoring for cakes, cookies, waffles, ice cream or French toast. It increases the quality of the food.

Not to mention it is the perfect natural ingredient for beverages like cocktails, milkshakes, tea, smoothies, and of course, coffee.

In today’s world, as more humans are becoming health-conscious, manufacturers are adapting to add all-natural ingredients to replace artificial/chemical flavorings. Take the industry leading milk manufacturers as an example. In joining the healthy lifestyle movement, they are switching to vanilla bean powder bulk for their production goods.

Not limited to food and beverage, vanilla bean powder is a perfect match for aromatherapy and beauty products as well. It’s excellent as it gives a long-lasting scent and does not contain alcohol which can potentially irritate sensitive skin. Try it with citrus, lavender, or sandalwood for a beautiful combination that will leave consumers happy all through the day!

Looking for a Vanilla Supplier?

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The hype of a healthy lifestyle is getting a significant number these days. So what holds you from joining this trend? Instead of splurging on a new product line, it is highly recommended to level up your current products. A natural flavoring like vanilla beans is the key to attract more health-conscious customers to buy your products.

Essence Food and Beverage, LLC is the source of Indonesian bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk. Natural flavorings have a more concentrated flavor. Based on this reason, buying vanilla beans in bulk or vanilla bean powder bulk allows you to save more in the long run. But if you are hesitant to buy bulk vanilla beans or vanilla bean powder bulk, starting with smaller quantities is highly recommended.

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