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Which Cinnamon is Best for Baking?

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Well… the holiday is over, but it’s not over for warm cinnamon rolls from your favorite bakery. But for pastry and bakers, the first step you need to pass in baking a bulk load of cinnamon rolls is choosing the right cinnamon. However, things are not simple as it seems. Oftentimes you end up with a jumble of questions. Which cinnamon has the better taste? What about the price of bulk cinnamon?

Depending on the place of origin, every cinnamon type offers different flavor notes and aroma profile. If we’re talking about cinnamon for baking, Ceylon cinnamon might be just what you need for recipes with a less-intense cinnamon flavor. On the flip side, Cassia cinnamon is a good match for recipes with a concentrated cinnamon flavor, like cinnamon rolls. 

What Makes Cassia Cinnamon a Perfect Fit for Culinary Applications?

Lower in price with a bolder taste, that’s what Cassia cinnamon offers in short. Cassia cinnamon is a cinnamaldehyde-rich (a compound that gives the taste and aroma to cinnamon) spice that holds a high essential oil content. The volatile oil content in Cassia cinnamon ranges from 0.9% to 7%. That’s why Cassia cinnamon is packed with a warm-spicy pungent taste.

It goes even beyond that. The high concentration of volatile oil enables the taste of Cassia cinnamon to be fully dispersed in the dishes. For this reason, food or bakery manufacturers turn the Cassia cinnamon in bulk into almost all commercial cinnamon buns to the Chinese 5-spice blend. 

Thus, if you’re looking for all-purpose cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon is your go-to choice. From baking, cooking, and beverage uses, to seasoning ingredients, Cassia cinnamon hits it all.

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Cinnamon Stick Vs. Ground Cinnamon – When to Use For Most Business?

Cassia cinnamon in bulk

When it comes to cinnamon sold commercially, there are 2 types of cinnamon; Cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is the cinnamon type typically sold in the retail stores rather than Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon comes at a lower price with a bolder taste, which boosts the popularity of Cassia cinnamon in the market. That’s why you’ll have no hard time finding Cassia cinnamon in the retail store’s spice section.

How Cinnamon in Bulk Used Throughout the Businesses?

If talking about cinnamon for business, the choice is not much different with the small-scale cinnamon consumers. One interesting fact, the choice of cinnamon (stick and ground) might be different for each business. 

For instance, beverage industries frequently choose Cassia cinnamon sticks in bulk as an infusion for commercial teas, wine, beer, and any other ready-to-drink beverages. It’s because the Cassia cinnamon stick’s high volatile oil content will be fully dispersed when dipped into liquid-based products. Even after its first use, Cassia cinnamon sticks as an infusion are applicable for the next batch (considering the high volatile oil content) and have become a cost-effective choice for manufacturers.

On the flip side, other industries like bakeries and cafes most of the time utilize ground cinnamon in bulk for baking commercial baked goods. When it comes to cinnamon for baked goods, cinnamon is merely sprinkled over the top of the baked goods as an additional visual key point or even blended with the dough. Based on this reason, utilizing ground cinnamon is a time-efficient choice compared to Cassia cinnamon sticks. 

Other than that, other businesses like restaurants utilize cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon in bulk. Just like beverage manufacturers, if cinnamon is needed for infusion, the chefs’ choice turns into Cassia cinnamon sticks to incorporate its flavor. The only difference is the product. For restaurants, these cinnamon sticks will be dipped in sauce or soups instead of beverages. On the other hand, ground cinnamon is used when the cinnamon flavor needs to be incorporated into the dishes quickly into a big cooking batch.

Pro baker secret: Try to sprinkle cinnamon powder instead of blending it with the cinnamon rolls’ dough. Cinnamon is a yeast inhibitor ingredient that prevents the dough from rising (and the non-rising cinnamon roll is just… meh).

Where to Buy Wholesale Cinnamon for Baking?

Addressing the tip above, you might need cinnamon in bulk since you’ll need a generous amount of cinnamon in baking commercial (and even homemade) cinnamon rolls. Therefore, purchasing wholesale cinnamon is highly recommended for reducing ingredient costs. 

Whether you need cinnamon in bulk (Cassia cinnamon stick) or ground cinnamon in bulk, we provide all your needs. Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is a direct-trade wholesale cinnamon supplier. We have served wholesale cinnamon for countless bakery manufacturers, ice creameries/gelaterias industries, and food factories across the globe. We’re cutting out the middlemen within our shortened supply chain, making it only between you and our farmers.

Supply cinnamon in bulk independently and get the freshest wholesale cinnamon from Indonesia today. Check our spice catalog or request a wholesale cinnamon estimate here.

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