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Vanillin Vs. Vanilla – Same or Different?

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Vanillin vs. vanilla is not a typical debate, but it does come up from time to time. The question we get asked: is there a difference between vanillin vs vanilla and if so what are the differences?

There are two primary sources of vanilla flavorings utilized by the food industry. Either vanillin or natural vanilla extract (vanilla bean extract). Both vanillin and natural vanilla extract yield what we perceive to be the profile of an “artificial” or non-natural vanilla flavoring. While natural vanilla extract and vanillin may appear similar on paper, they taste differently in a product.

Vanillin: In Between of Natural & Artificial

Vanillin is a molecule that plays a role in vanilla sweetness. That’s why this component is typically turned into an ingredient for culinary application. Mainly in food manufacturing and bakery manufacturing for many reasons. Both are derived from orchids that are found in tropical locations like Indonesia, Mexico, and Madagascar.

Vanillin is a natural chemical from fruits like vanilla beans. Even though it’s no longer natural when vanillin is entirely produced by human hands. Most of the time, vanillin is extracted synthetically from lab-created vanillin or wood pulp. Becomes easier to get, artificial vanillin has turned into a go-to choice to substitute low-supply natural vanilla when the vanilla crisis happens.

Either way, natural and artificial would never be the same. Natural vanillin in bulk vanilla beans reveals a concentrated vanilla flavor, a natural vanilla sweetness. On the other hand, synthetic vanillin often overpowers the original taste of natural vanillin and leaves a bitter aftertaste. Indeed it’s sweet, but the chemical taste is still inevitable.

Vanilla: An All-Natural Vanillin

Natural vanillin is everything that comes from vanilla beans, period. Vanilla beans are the fruit produced from vanilla orchids. From planting to harvesting, bulk vanilla beans are traditionally grown and cured in nature with the help of the farmers’ hand.

Whether it’s Planifolia vanilla beans, Tahitian vanilla beans, or Madagascar vanilla beans, it’s all stuffed with natural vanillin sources. Vanilla beans’ natural vanillin content is more concentrated in vanilla caviar. Therefore, you’ll need to split open the pods first to channel the heavy vanilla flavor from the vanilla beans to your dishes.

As natural vanillin sweetness is more concentrated than synthetic vanillin, giant manufacturers like Nestl√©, Hershey’s, and Kellogg’s have turned their choice to go natural. It’s due to the fact that bulk vanilla beans can substitute artificial vanillin at a lower ratio. To this end, food manufacturers are able to save more on ingredients costs while adapting to the changing consumer preferences for health-conscious products.

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Artificial Vanillin Vs. Vanilla – Which One is Better?

In baking a big batch of vanilla-flavored baked goods, it’s always good to keep your options open. You can consider unhealthy lab-created vanillin when a vanilla bean shortage happens. However, going natural is always better and highly recommended.

If you’re vowing to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid diabetes, for example, it’s wise to go with vanilla beans or vanilla bean powder. As a natural source of vanillin content, vanilla beans hold health benefits if consumed on a daily basis, as it does not contain sugar. Gluten-free, keto-friendly, alcohol-free, and vegan-friendly are plus points of bulk vanilla beans. No doubt it’s a soulmate for your healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the taste, bulk vanilla beans cost just as effectively as artificial vanillin. A little goes a long way, meaning you’ll only need fewer scoops of vanilla bean powder than synthetic vanillin. When a recipe calls for a fully-dispersed vanilla flavor, it’s time to rely on the power of natural vanillin: Vanilla bean powder bulk.

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Where to Buy Bulk Vanilla Beans & Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk in the United States?

A reliable vanilla supplier is your secret weapon in executing your commitment to utilizing only all-natural vanillin like bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk in producing baked goods. Only partner with a vanilla supplier that is capable of sourcing you with bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk year-round. This way, you no longer need to worry about switching to synthetic vanillin.

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is a dependable vanilla supplier for countless food manufacturers and pharmaceutical industries in the U.S. No more shortage. Our 25 years of relationship with our farmers enables us to source bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Independently supplying your ingredients directly from the source is now possible with a direct-trade vanilla supplier. Our bulk vanilla beans are traditionally grown in single-estate plantations in Java Island, Indonesia. We provide a shortened supply chain where it’s only between you and our farmers, with no middlemen.

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