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Vanilla Bean Gelato Recipe

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The word ‘gelato’ actually stands for ‘frozen’ in Italian. This Italy-originated frozen treat is widely available across the world and loved in the U.S. 

No more hard times finding countless flavors of gelato that builds curiosity to try. This one classic flavor is still a top favorite by the newly-released flavors among all age groups, vanilla bean gelato. Creamy, sweet, tasty, and most importantly… healthier!!

If you’re a regular customer of vanilla bean gelato or a business owner seeking a new flavor to offer, try to give it a round for making this mouthwatering ice cream flavor with your wholesale vanilla beans. It’s not that challenging to make. But before that, we’ll start with the difference between gelato and ice cream if you still have a hard time distinguishing these products.

Gelato Vs. Ice Cream – Same or Different?

Gelato Vs. Ice Cream

You might assume that gelato and ice cream stand for the identical thing. Well… actually, not. Although gelato and ice cream are both made from a blend of milk, cream, and sugar, it reveals some differences through the ingredients’ ratio and consistency.

Gelato contains a higher proportion of milk, with a lower proportion of cream and eggs. A lower percentage of fat makes the flavor in gelato shine since the taste of cream and eggs doesn’t overpower it. Then, gelato is churned at a slower rate, incorporating less air and resulting in a soft-dense texture and flavorful gelato. 

When looking at the ingredients and ice-cream-making method, it becomes pretty clear why ice creams contain a higher fat and airier texture than less-fat gelato with a denser texture. Ice cream is made from a blend of milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks (for french vanilla flavor only). Some commercial ice cream is oftentimes churned at a fairly high speed to incorporate more air to increase the volume. This means that most commercial vanilla ice cream you consume contains more air and less product, depending on the brand.

Vanilla Bean Gelato Recipe

After having an understanding of gelato and ice cream differences, it’s time to make your own vanilla bean gelato! To make an impressive result of vanilla bean gelato, these are the ingredients you need:

After getting the ingredients ready, do the following steps:

  1. Place the granulated sugar, egg yolks, and corn syrup in a mixing bowl. Whisk until the sugar is dissolved and the ingredients are evenly mixed.
  2. Add milk, heavy cream, vanilla beans’ caviar, and the empty vanilla pods to the mixing bowl.
  3. Move the mixture into a pan and cook over medium heat. Stir the mixture regularly until it boils, and turn off the heat.
  4. Strain the mixture with a fine-mesh strainer and place it in a container. Once the mixture reaches room temperature, move the ice cream container to the freezer. Let it freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight for a better result.
  5. The next step is a churning process. If you’re going to process the mixture using a churning machine, just place it on the machine’s bowl and set the setting for gelato churning. On the flip side, if you don’t have a churning machine, you can churn manually with a whisk or hand mixer until you spot the texture changes.
  6. After doing the churning step, it’s highly recommended to place the gelato back in the freezer for 1 hour.
  7. Then, scoop the gelato into the serving bowl. Feel free to garnish it with toppings like cherries, chocolate chips, or anything else you desire.
  8. Serve before it melts!

However, this recipe might not be a perfect choice if you’re a health-conscious person or living with sugar-restriction issues. Now, it’s time to modify this vanilla bean gelato to match your conditions.

Healthier Options for Vanilla Bean Gelato Recipe

Healthier Vanilla Bean Gelato Recipe

There’s always a ‘fix’ for our vanilla bean gelato recipe to make it a guilt-free option for daily consumption. In doing this, feel free to adjust the ingredients based on your preferences.

If you’re a vegan or living with a lactose intolerance, you can eliminate dairy products from the ingredients list. First, try switching from whole milk and heavy cream to plant-based products like coconut cream, coconut milk, or rice milk. The second thing you need to eliminate is the egg. Instead, switch the eggs in the recipe with 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. By eliminating the dairy products from the ingredients, your vanilla bean gelato becomes a dairy-free gelato!

In case you’re living with diabetes (or any other issues related to sugar intake), and on a strict diet, you need to alter the sweeteners. Instead of high fructose corn syrup and sugar, try a change to other all-natural sweeteners like vanilla beans (yes, add more vanilla beans for extra sweetness! That’s why buying vanilla beans in bulk is highly recommended), monk fruit, or honey. Feel free to add these all-natural sweeteners until you meet the preferred sweetness level!

Where to Buy Vanilla Beans in Bulk for Ice Creameries & Gelaterias?

In recent years, the hype of vanilla bean gelato has skyrocketed. So if you are a regular buyer of vanilla bean gelato at your favorite gelato shop, why not try to make homemade vanilla bean gelato? Prepare the tools, buy vanilla beans in bulk, and give a round to make it at home.

When purchasing vanilla beans in bulk, it is wise to buy it directly from the country of origin. A direct-trade vanilla supplier like Essence Food & Beverage, LLC assists business owners to independently import vanilla beans in bulk and vanilla bean powder bulk from Indonesia. Indonesian vanilla beans are a perfect match for making vanilla bean gelato. It is filled with a good amount of vanilla caviar, making it a great source of high vanillin content. 

We shipped vanilla beans in bulk at the peak of freshness to Alaska, New York, West Virginia, and all United States. Get the most competitive prices for vanilla beans in bulk today through our website now. 

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