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How Vanilla Beans Are Used in Aromatherapy & Beauty Industry

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Vanilla Beans in Aromatherapy & Beauty Industry

When you hear the words ‘Vanilla beans,’ most of the time our minds wander to those drooling desserts and delicacies that we love eating like vanilla bean ice cream.

But it’s not all about food and beverages for vanilla. Aside from a rich, earthy flavor vanilla beans have to offer, vanilla beans in bulk are also common to find in aromatherapy and beauty industry.

This article is a guide in learning about Planifolia bulk vanilla beans and vanilla benefits throughout the aromatherapy and beauty industry. We will go over:

The Evolution of Aromatherapy Products

The Evolution of Aromatherapy Products

Throughout the era, aromatherapy has made its place in history for many different uses and making them an integral part of human life.

Aromatherapy in the Prehistory Era

In the prehistory era, aromatherapy had been considered an essential in human civilization. For instance, the Egyptians used a mixture of 23 aromatic plants (cinnamon, peppermint, citronella, cedarwood, acacia, and others!) in their embalming ritual and hygiene products. Meanwhile, the Greeks and the Romans created the perfume from cinnamon, myrrh, sage, and parsley.

Aromatherapy in the Middle Ages Era

Further, moving to the middle-age era when the tragedy of the bubonic plague and the pandemic of the black death, the demand for aromatic spices and its products skyrocketed to battle the smell of death and antiseptic. At this time, a bulk load of orange, cloves, cinnamon, benzoin, and pine appeared on the list.

Aromatherapy in the Medieval Islam Era

After the very simple distillation technique found in the medieval Islam era, it’s made a major success in damask rose distillation. This method kept significantly progressing afterward.

Aromatherapy in the 17th-19th Century

In the 17th century, essential oils were common to be home-made products. Lab-created essential oils and synthetic materials were introduced in the 18th-19th century; made for mass production in manufacturing.

Aromatherapy in the 20th Century

Compared to its initial development, the aromatherapy industry in the 20th century is much more organized. The use is expanding to bigger industries like beauty and healthcare. However, the rise of the health movement has turned the customer to be more health-conscious towards their product purchasement. As a result, the industries adapt by changing to all-natural products.

How Has the Aromatherapy Industry Changed Through Consumer Demands for All-Natural Oils and Essentials? – Bulk Vanilla Beans Throughout Aromatherapy Industry

As the popularity of artificial and chemical essential oils in beauty and other industries increases, health-conscious consumers demand change to all-natural oils and essentials. Lots of companies are shifting to produce natural oils from their own plantations like Lavender Connection with their lavender essential oils, Neal’s Yard Remedies’ peppermint essential oils, and most importantly: Vanilla essential oil.

Some may argue that vanilla essential oil is a so-called essential oil due to its processing methods. It’s not undergoing the distillation or mechanical method while other essential oils are mostly produced this way. Instead, these Planifolia vanilla beans need solvent (like benzene or ethanol) to release their scent.

However, this does not mean that there are no natural Planifolia vanilla aromatic products. Vanillin (responsible as an aromatizer and flavoring agent) can be sourced from beavers’ scent glands and cow dung as well. If this is the case, well.. thanks. But, no thanks.

Another substitution for natural Planifolia vanilla aromatic oil comes from vanilla oil infusion. In making this mix, you need to soak the Planifolia vanilla beans in bulk in a neutral oil such as grapeseed/almond oil for about 3 weeks or more. Fairly simple to make and 100% natural, you’ll easily discover vanilla infusion oil from bulk vanilla beans as a natural replacement in beauty care and wellness products.

Benefits of Vanilla for Beauty and Wellness Products

Not limited to its application in food, beverages, and aromatherapy, the health benefits of vanilla incarnate through beauty products as well. But before, Planifolia vanilla beans in bulk transform into other forms to release their scent. Be it vanilla oil infusion, vanilla oleoresin, vanilla absolute, and carbon dioxide vanilla extract.

In the beauty industry, vanilla oil infusion –as the all-natural choice of vanilla-scented product– is a perfect match for direct skin applications. No negative side effects, it mostly applies as an additional material to uplift the aroma for the beauty products. Bath oil, body lotions, lip balm, body creams, and even hair products to name a few. The antibacterial content in vanilla beans might be beneficial in combating acne and pimples, while its antioxidant properties and B-vitamins (niacinamide, thiamin, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid) content might help in preventing skin damage and skin aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

The list of health benefits of vanilla would be inert if we don’t mention its role for hair. Struggling with frizzy hair? Make a hair pack using 4 oz. of shea butter, 5 drops of vanilla essential oils, and 2 tablespoons of neutral oils of your choice. Apply to your hair for 10-15 minutes and say hi to your silky hair! To promote hair growth, you can apply the mixture of vanilla essential oil and ¼ cup of carrier oils to your hair. Then, wrap it with a warm towel for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Vanilla oleoresin, vanilla absolute, and carbon dioxide vanilla extract primarily play a role to channel its strong vanilla scent in perfumery products. Important to remember, these products are for external use only and not consumption-safe. It’s always a good idea to consult with an expert to achieve the best results and avoid the undesirable effects of essential oil usage. Additionally, vanilla extract shows positive effects in rat studies as an antidepressant. In certain neurological studies, vanilla extract is mentioned to help in reducing anxiety and depression. As a result, countless industries/companies including vanilla beans throughout the aromatherapy industry as a part of wellness products.

How Are Vanilla Beans in Bulk Utilized in Aromatherapy Products

Using vanilla beans in bulk for aromatherapy is the same way that the beauty industry does. To get the vanilla benefits from its scent, turn the bulk vanilla beans into other products first. Oftentimes, we associate the vanilla scent with relaxation and calming vibes. Thus, it’s not hard to find vanilla-scented aromatherapy products. You can easily find products such as scented candles, reed diffusers, incense sticks, and essential oils sold commercially.

Not just a scent, vanilla scent helps the brain by stimulating more dopamine and serotonin hormone production as mood enhancement. Vanilla aromatherapy has proved to reduce claustrophobia symptoms and insomnia/sleep disorders. The scent of vanilla helps to lower anxiety and induce relaxation. That’s why it might help the sufferer who needs medical procedures like MRI and CAT scans. In utilizing vanilla for health-related procedures, it’s wise to know how the manufacturer produces the vanilla aromatizer and ensure its quality to get the full health benefits from vanilla aromatherapy products.

US Vanilla Supplier Delivering Natural Bulk Vanilla Beans to Aromatherapy and Beauty Companies

In recent years, the demand for vanilla beans in bulk has skyrocketed. Not only in the food industry but aromatherapy and beauty industry as well. More beauty brands are switching to real vanilla beans so they can rebrand their products as natural ones. Now, you are also welcome to provide all-natural products for your customers.

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is the leading vanilla supplier that supplies the highest-quality Indonesian vanilla beans in bulk and vanilla bean powder bulk. Indonesian vanilla beans are famous for chocolatey and sweet aroma profiles that are perfect for beauty products. To get aromatic Indonesian vanilla beans in bulk, contact our sales representative here.

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