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How to Enhance the Taste of Vanilla Beans?

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Love or hate it, we know that the most expensive ingredients require special treatment. Just look at your wholesale vanilla beans sitting on your pantry shelf. It is costly and it requires a complex storage method. Most bakers even do tricks to enhance the unique flavor notes of the vanilla beans. Well, it seems there is a quick and easy-peasy way to add more flavor notes to your wholesale vanilla beans, and what is that exactly?

For years, the charring technique has been practiced in countless professional kitchens of top chefs and bakers across the world. Have you tried it before? Let’s learn more about the charring technique so you can enhance the flavor of your wholesale vanilla beans with confidence!

Charred Vs. Burnt: What Sets Them Apart, Actually?

Charred vs Burnt Vanilla

In general, both ways add the additional smokey flavor note to your wholesale vanilla beans, only the level that is different. One gives a pleasant smokey-woody flavor note while the other gives a burnt taste to your wholesale vanilla beans (and we know this is the last thing you are expecting). Up to here, you might be able to guess where the difference lies. Yup, the heat!

The char technique pushes a “Maillard” reaction in which the sugar content and amino acid substances are formed throughout the process. Especially on the sugar-rich ingredients like vanilla beans. For this reason, the charring technique adds a more sweet vanilla taste to your vanilla beans, plus a smokey-woody flavor note and aroma profile.

Well… the process slightly looks like you are burning the vanilla beans, but in fact, it is not. That is why people tend to mislead the charred food with burned food. Just simply imagine you burn the marshmallows on the campfire, that is how actually the char technique works. The process is strictly regulated so the ingredients will not get burned. Unlike burnt foods, charred vanilla beans are still edible. You will not taste the overpowering bitter flavor note like what you typically find in other burnt foods.

How to Char Wholesale Vanilla Beans? – Full Steps Explained

Charred vanilla beans are a 5-star ingredient in recipes that call for a heavy vanilla flavor. Be it vegetables like corn and sweet potatoes, charring your wholesale vanilla beans is no different. To char your wholesale vanilla beans like a pro, just follow these steps below:

  1. Prepare your wholesale vanilla beans and a gas stove.
  2. Then, turn on the stove over low heat.
  3. Hold the vanilla pods using tongs over the flame of your gas stove.
  4. After that, char the pods evenly until it toasted and puffed up. 
  5. Once it is puffed up, you can end the char process.
  6. Lastly, split up your charred vanilla beans, scrape out the vanilla caviar inside, and see the difference!

Just repeat the steps until you have no vanilla beans left. If you do not own tongs, you can also consider charring your wholesale vanilla beans with a large cast iron skillet. Again, always use low heat so the vanilla beans do not get burned. 

Where to Buy Vanillin-Rich Wholesale Vanilla Beans? – A Direct-Trade Vanilla Supplier

Where to buy vanillin-rich wholesale vanilla beans?

Sure, charring wholesale vanilla beans is easy. However, it will be a time-consuming process. So it is wise to buy wholesale vanilla beans that are rich in vanillin content so you do not need to char your wholesale vanilla beans one by one. The higher the vanillin content, the sweeter the taste.

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is a direct-trade vanilla supplier that provides vanillin-rich wholesale vanilla beans. Look at our Indonesian vanilla beans, it holds around 2% vanillin content. For this reason, you can expect more vanilla sweetness in a single pod. 

Get our vanillin-rich wholesale vanilla beans through our secured online store. Check our vanilla catalog or request a personalized quote for a bulk order here today!


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