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How to Cut Open or Split Vanilla Beans

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how to cut open vanilla beans

If you’re a wholesale chef, baking enthusiast, or a vanilla lover (or all!), you know that bulk vanilla beans or even single pods can be expensive. That is why Essence Food & Beverage not only sources, produces, and delivers you the freshest bulk vanilla beans, but we also provide guidance for vanilla beans best practices.

Vanilla beans are a delicious and versatile ingredient that can be used in sweet or savory dishes like creme brulee, macarons, and vanilla bean ice cream. But first, you’ll need to know how to cut open vanilla beans like an expert.

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What is the Best Way to Cut Open Vanilla Beans

There are a few different ways to cut open vanilla beans in bulk or single pods but will show you the best way to cut, and scrape the caviar. Believe us when we say you will get the most out of vanilla beans.

To properly cut open vanilla beans, you will need a cutting board and a sharp knife.

  1. Hold one end of the pod with your index finger
  2. Slowly begin to slice lengthwise the vanilla pod with the sharp side of the knife 
  3. Once you’ve cut open the vanilla bean pod, using the back (unsharp) side of the knife, scrape the vanilla caviar seeds

Should I Throw Away Vanilla Pods After Scraping the Caviar?

After seeding the vanilla bean, you don’t want to toss out the skin. You can utilize every inch of the vanilla beans that you purchased – Grade A or Grade B. The vanilla bean still has an aroma and flavor that can be used for multiple purposes. What we recommend is dipping the pods in sugar or salt to extract the vanilla flavor.

Where to Buy Bulk Vanilla Beans & Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk? – A Direct-Trade Vanilla Supplier

Where to buy vanilla beans bulk?

Vanilla beans are a versatile raw ingredient for most bakers. It transforms plain-flavored baked goods into heavy sweet vanilla-flavored ones. If you are purchasing vanilla beans for regular use, it is wise to buy vanilla beans in bulk or vanilla pods wholesale from a direct-trade vanilla supplier like Essence Food & Beverage, LLC

However, If you are a beginner baker, splitting up bulk vanilla beans might be complicated. So if you’re not familiar with the steps, it is also worth purchasing to buy other alternatives like vanilla bean powder bulk. It is made from pure ground vanilla bean powder that tastes as sweet as vanilla beans. Submit your inquiry for both vanilla beans in bulk and vanilla bean powder bulk through our contact page now. 

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