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How Technology Has Helped Supply Chain Companies Evolve?

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the role of technology in supply chain

One thing is for certain, customers have expectations. Continued exceptional service, product guarantees, and low prices are some to mention. Particularly in 2022 where digitalization plays a major role in supply chain management (pre-COVID vs post-COVID). Through the advancement of technology and more accessible information, customers also desire an efficient and easy buying experience for bulk orders and wholesale partnerships.

Oftentimes, one small mistake is enough to make a customer switch suppliers, vendors, or simply their preferred company to do business with. For this reason, technology can be a secret weapon to earn customers’ trust, meet their needs, and introduce a better way to raw commodity accessibility.

As a result, customer-oriented companies and businesses of all sizes look for ways to enhance their supply chain system from sourcing, manufacturing, package and delivery. Without a doubt, they build a resilient supply chain within the technology improvement in order to meet the customers’ expectations and compete with the competitors. New digital technologies are transforming daily business processes for countless businesses and companies in the present day.

In this article, you’ll further understand:

How Technology Evolving the Supply Chain Production Process

the role of technology in supply chain

To improve the service level and create an effective supply chain, companies are changing the age-old production process from file work to digital organization systems like physical paperwork and digital tracking. These new systems connect the companies to the faster delivery time and quicker response to customers’ inquiries and orders.

Proceeding to the post-production process, technology like AR (Augmented Reality) is used to trace the stocks in the company’s warehouses. Not limited to time efficiency, these highly advanced technologies help in minimizing human error as well.

On a final note, technology has simplified the process of producing, buying, delivering, and distributing goods. Mainly in the era where virtual shopping has become a preferred way of buying vanilla beans in bulk or other spice.

Technology Advancement Roles in Online Shopping

The latest technology improvement favored by customers these days is online purchasing through e-commerce, marketplaces, and other commercial websites; considering the convenience it offers and the advantages they get.

Help Connect Bulk/Wholesale Buyers with Suppliers – Direct from the Source

Technology has advanced in ways that companies and people can get products, ingredients, and other goods directly from the source – single origins. Through the Essence Food and Beverage LLC online shopping platform, we make it easy for businesses to buy the spices like vanilla beans in bulk and vanilla bean powder bulk through our secured online transaction system. On top of that, by delivering to the U.S directly from Indonesia and local inventory, businesses can expect the best-sourced fresh Planifolia and Tahitian bulk vanilla beans.

Price Competitiveness

The supply chain involves a lot of moving parts. Some businesses contain brokers, while others are direct-trade, i.e. vanilla suppliers. Where you buy impacts the price of the goods. A few useful platforms to compare prices on bulk spices, or simply find vanilla suppliers, cinnamon suppliers, clove suppliers, or spice importers in the U.S are go4worldbusiness or Alibaba. Endless products from different countries are offered, complete with different ranges of prices to choose from. As a result, it facilitates the customers in comparing the price differences, choosing the best deal, and most importantly: Staying on budget.

Self-Track Order Systems

Purchasing goods or ingredients online means on-time delivery expectations. Technology plays a role in fulfilling orders with full communication with the customers. Essence Food and Beverage offers an easy dashboard giving you instant access to order history, tracking information, and alerts.

High Levels of Security

The joy of online shopping comes with the risk of the data breach; in which the customers’ personal data, identity, and even online balance are at stake. To protect the customers’ safety in each transaction they make, high-skilled workers are utilizing technology to ensure cyber security during the customers’ transaction process.

Convey Full Transparency of Orders

Last but certainly not least, the power of social media influence to convey the company’s transparency of their goods. Specifically how they produce, package, and distribute their products. Be it Instagram or websites, these social media platforms undoubtedly give easy access to business transparency as well as business and customer communication. Latest updates/news, product promotional activity, complaint responses, and other urgent information can be instantly delivered without time limitations. By the same token, this accessible information can be a prospective method to attract new potential customers/business partners who are supplier-seeking.

About Essence Food & Beverage, LLC – A Direct-Trade Vanilla Supplier for Bulk Vanilla Beans & Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk

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In choosing the spices supplier, it’s wise to know what it takes to distribute spice in bulk to the destination country. There is a long distribution process before the spices in bulk are delivered to your warehouse. For this reason, transparency and well-performed communication are needed.

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is a direct-trade vanilla supplier that strives to provide transparency in everything we do for our customers. You can expect product guarantees, a trackable shipment process, fast-response customer service, and on-time delivery when purchasing bulk vanilla beans or vanilla bean powder bulk from us. Request a quote for your next bulk spice order through our online store.

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