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How Indonesia is Living Up to Standards on Sustainable Vanilla Cultivation, Quality and Price?

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If you’re a baker, ice cream maker, or a manufacturer, you’ve no doubt noticed that commodities such as cinnamon, clove, and vanilla beans have become increasingly pricey.

Further, the price of bulk vanilla bean has quadrupled in the past decade and continues to be amongst the most volatile commodities in the world. After all, this incredible rise can be attributed to many factors such as sustainable vanilla cultivations.

What’s Happening in Madagascar?

Vanilla beans grow in a very small subsection of the world. Some to mention are Madagascar, Indonesia, China, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico. Out of all on the list, Madagascar exports the most at 80% of the world’s vanilla use. However, this number also sums up to many mix-ups that the vanilla industry faces today.

In 2017, we started to see unexpectedly surging prices on bulk vanilla beans. The Madagascar cyclone undoubtedly was a tragedy for all involved in the vanilla supply chain including Madagascar farmers, producers, and businesses worldwide. During this time, the price of vanilla skyrocketed up to $600 per kilogram.

Vanilla beans are a costly commodity, oftentimes labeled as a luxury ingredient – an easy target for theft and robbery. At the same time, Madagascar farmers deal with poor weather conditions that damage crops over time. Thus, affecting their ability to provide quality vanilla beans in bulk to businesses. Many concerns have started to arise ever since 2017, and the same goes with the price of bulk vanilla beans.

How U.S Businesses Are Reacting?

Bakeries and ice cream manufacturers have felt the squeeze as they try to keep up with the cost of bulk vanilla beans while maintaining customer demand for health-conscious ingredients. Unfortunately, some companies open their options in using artificial vanilla and increase their vanilla flavored goods even with various chemicals.

This is partially due to the fact that most vanilla suppliers, distributors, and brokers were forced to increase their price substantially.

The Rise of Vanilla Beans Cultivation in Indonesia

sustainable vanilla cultivation

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It is home to thousands of tropical islands known for their volcanic and healthy soil. They are home to many world-class spices including cassia cinnamon, clove, and nutmegs. As a result, Indonesia has become a key player in the vanilla bean supply chain.

It’s located in the prime location to cultivate and export the second most expensive spice in the world. Precisely, off the coast of Southeast Asia, in the Indian, and pacific oceans.

Vanilla bean farmers in Indonesia have maintained sustainable measures in single estate plantations and have met the demand of consumers requesting all-natural, health-conscious ingredients. The future looks bright for vanilla bean farmers in Indonesia. Especially if vanilla suppliers continue to supply bulk vanilla beans at the most competitive prices to the US and the rest of the world.

Additionally, this can create new opportunities for business owners and manufacturers, to lower the cost of food production that contain vanilla in their goods. Typically, purchasing bulk vanilla beans directly from a vanilla supplier is about 60% less than inflated prices. Whether you’re purchasing from brokers or third party distributors.

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Transparency, trust, and sustainable measures is what aligns with the success of Indonesia as a top vanilla producer and supplier, alongside Madagascar.

Take companies like Essence Food and Beverage, LLC – a vanilla supplier in the United States with operations in Indonesia. We offer equal opportunity for high quality, natural vanilla beans in bulk at farmer price, where it benefits all in the supply chain. Particularly, no middlemen.

It’s clear that Indonesia has a bright future ahead and can increase its production and exports of vanilla beans. Let’s learn about the quality and taste of Indonesian vanilla beans.

How Do Vanilla Beans From Indonesia Taste?

When you think of vanilla beans, what country comes to mind? Mexico? Madagascar? Indonesia? All of the above! Each region produces a unique type of vanilla bean with its own flavor profile.

As mentioned, Indonesia is home to some of the most beautiful (volcanic) islands in the world. Aside from being known for its arabica coffee production, Indonesian vanilla beans are also a commodity that continues to surprise many for its quality, price and sustainability.

It’s important to mention that there are three main species of vanilla beans produced for commercial use in the world.

Vanilla Planifolia is the most popular grown in the vanilla family. Vanilla Pompona is a rare species of vanilla native to Mexico and South America – typically marketed at a higher cost due to its farming shortages. Another species, Vanilla Tahitensis, often referred as Tahitian Vanilla, is the second most common species of vanilla to be grown and used commercially. They are shorter and contain less caviar compared to Planifolia. Tahitian vanilla is heavy in oil and contains more water – higher moisture content. Whereas Planifolia vanilla beans contain the most caviar (vanilla seeds) than any vanilla bean produced in the world.

There are three prime locations that produce the highest quality of vanilla in Indonesia. Below is a helpful map pin pointing these locations.

sustainable vanilla cultivation

West Papua, Indonesia

Neighbor to Papua New Guinea, is home to Tahitensis vanilla beans. Being a province of Indonesia, Javanese traditional harvesting practices apply to this region as well. Papua Indonesian vanilla beans in bulk are great to support small-mass medium quality’s vanilla extract production or commercial baking. They are known to have a chocolate, caramel, and bold vanilla flavor.

Papua Sentani, Indonesia

Sentani Indonesian vanilla beans are part of the Planifolia family. These vanilla beans have a strong floral, earthy flavor. They are named after the amazing city of Sentani in Papua.

Pastries shops and ice cream manufacturers enjoy applying these vanilla beans in bulk to their products. Namely for ice cream, extracts, pies, and other world-class traditional pastries.

Java, Indonesia

Last but certainly not least, Java Indonesian vanilla beans. They are the most commonly purchased within the Planifolia family. These bulk vanilla beans are earthy, plump, oily, mild, and well-balanced. Planifolia vanilla beans in bulk from Java are perfect for adding a deep and complex vanilla flavor. Specifically to gourmet dishes like chocolate, pastries, ice cream, savory sauces, and of course, vanilla extracts.

Cut open the vanilla beans and the amount of caviar these vanilla pods contain will amaze you. By this step, you’ll know that it holds more than Madagascar vanilla beans.

Oftentimes, people consider Planifolia vanilla beans from Java Indonesia smokey. This is due to the drying techniques used by vanilla farmers. Growing vanilla is truly an art. Essence Food and Beverage, LLC holds over 25 years of farmer relationships. They practice sun-drying techniques passed on by generations. One thing is for certain, the quality and freshness remain the same.

Natural Indonesian Vanilla Beans in Bulk At Essence Food & Beverage LLC – A Direct-Trade Vanilla Supplier

bulk vanilla beans for sale

Indonesian vanilla plays an important role for several commercial uses and the demand continues to grow. Essence Food and Beverage, LLC is a direct-trade vanilla supplier that offers these world-class products at the most competitive prices in the market. Whether its bulk vanilla beans for extract or vanilla bean powder bulk, we supply them all. In other words, this is the benefit of purchasing bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk directly from the source.

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Essence Food and Beverage, LLC is the most reliable direct-trade supplier of Indonesian vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder in bulk. We shorten the supply chain connection between the farmers and you. Our commitment to this principle has defined our efforts to offer our customers. We source our product with product traceability, quality assurance, and continuing product guarantees.

If you have any questions, or would like to receive a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call (844) 423-1179.

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