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You are visiting the right page! We have years of experience helping food manufacturers to switch and improve their product to become more health-conscious and organic ingredients! We help you achieve your business goal by following the trend to gain more consumer trust. Go choose a go-to reliable distributor like us that can simplify your purchase of the ingredients in bulk!

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How can we increase your profit? 

Most of the time, Food manufacturers in the Food & Beverage industry have already established a strong relationship with their reliable local distributors. However, if your business is growing, isn’t it better to be independent so that you can increase your profit margin?

Different choice, different output. Let’s follow the worldwide brand, Nielsen-Massey Vanilla’s success strategy. In developing their business, this company implements vertical integration through the company’s private plantation. Without a doubt, it enables them to generate more net profit.

In executing this movement, these companies might implement different methods. The suppliers might build their own plantations in order to source their customers with all-natural ingredients. On the other hand, food manufacturers might purchase the organic ingredients in bulk from reliable suppliers. 

Supplying from direct-trade suppliers will benefit your company with lots of advantages that distributors are unable to provide. Mainly for competitive prices, transparency, and surging price protection. In fulfilling our commitment to being a trustworthy spices supplier, Essence Food & Beverage LLC owns a single estate plantation for our planifolia/tahitian vanilla beans Grade A/Grade B in Java Island, Indonesia. This way, it enables us to ensure the purity of our spices. 

This supply chain continues to other businesses. To illustrate, there is Nestle which sources its spice inventory from most countries in Asia. In order to fulfill their needs for sustainable ingredients.

In today’s world, awareness for a healthy lifestyle and sustainable agriculture are priorities. As a result, using all-natural ingredients such as spices in bulk directly from the source will bring the business a bright future ahead for:

  1. Companies’ margins increase.
  2. Less expenses for the ingredients purchased in bulk.
  3. Satisfy the picky customers’ demand for using cruelty-free and 100% natural materials.
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How A Direct-Trade Supplier Brings You Bigger Net Profit?

direct trade supply chain
Advantages of Purchasing from Direct-trade Supplier

The logic behind purchasing the spices in bulk for the food manufacturing process is undoubtedly the existence of the middlemen. Most of them are in the importing process. In the ordinary supply chain, spices are imported to the destination country by top food distributors. However, the process did not end there. These spices in bulk are imported by the distributor company and make a profit by increasing the price to support the local food factory & wholesaler. Finally, it reaches the final consumers in the supply chain, which includes your favorite bakery shop, convenience store, or restaurant. 

At this point, choosing a direct-trade supplier like us is a brilliant decision. Especially for food manufacturers and factories in becoming independent companies to increase their net profit. We shorten the supply chain by cutting the middlemen; make it between the farmers and you. As a result, purchasing spices in bulk no longer decreases the net profit. Supplying spices might take longer to store the inventory. But, it won’t be a bad idea to import spices in bulk for daily production that might last for months-years in the factory’s warehouse

Do spices expire if stored properly? In fact, spices do not lose their potency with appropriate preservation. However, it’s always recommended to utilize gourmet spices like Cassia cinnamon stick, Cassia cinnamon powder, whole cloves, and vanilla beans Grade A/B within a certain time limit. Above all, purchasing spices in bulk in a one-time purchase is worth considering for food manufacturers. By this, they can maximize their profit and save budget in the long term period.

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Importing bulk spices for commercial use and retail distribution


Vanilla Beans Grade A/B

Natural & raw ingredients are not the only demands these days. In fact, customers are looking for products with promising tastes in which bland-tasting healthy foods will more likely cause profit loss. However, there are so many so-called natural or organic products in the retail store aisle that still use artificial sweeteners to amplify the flavor, and surprisingly, most of them come from those big brands. 

Utilizing natural ingredients like vanilla beans gives you confidence in branding your brand as a vegan or organic brand with luscious-taste products at the same time. To channel the pungent taste of vanilla beans, food manufacturers will split up the vanilla beans and scrape out the vanilla caviar to add to their products as natural flavorings. Additionally, vanilla beans will last for up to 2 years with the right preservation. Thus, storing vanilla beans in your warehouse is the right decision in generating more net profit.

It’s an undeniable fact that more vanilla caviar will contribute to the abundance of rich vanilla flavor, which is a perfect match for ice cream/gelato, cookies, and vanilla extract. Just like how other big brands utilize vanilla beans in their products like Nielsen-Massey Vanilla.

Vanilla Beans Powder

The flavor-packed vanilla bean powder will instantly impart your products with the robust, natural vanilla taste. Due to its pungent taste, vanilla bean powder in bulk can be a healthier and nutritional substitute for artificial sweeteners, additional flavorings ingredients, and other unnatural vanilla-byproducts. 

Vanilla bean powder is used throughout the commercial supply chain and food manufacturing as a natural flavorings for multiple applications; protein powder, dairy products, ice cream, and cereal. In utilizing vanilla bean powder, you only need to scoop as much as you need to your products. Undoubtedly, switching to vanilla bean powder will bring your business a greater net profit for making your products a total health-conscious.

Cinnamon Stik

Cassia Cinnamon Stick

Adding natural spices to your products will turn your products to hold more nutritional value. Therefore, utilizing all-natural Cassia cinnamon sticks as a healthier alternative to replace your artificial flavorings is worth considering for your health-conscious consumers.

Blessed with intense flavor with a long-period shelf life (for up to 4 years), Cassia cinnamon sticks are widely used in the tea products like Bigelow’s hot cinnamon tea and Lipton’s stress therapy tea by crushing it into little crumbs or fine powder. Struggling in deciding a new flavor for your products? Cinnamon-flavor will bring your product a bright future!

Cassia Cinnamon Powder

Most of the time, food manufacturers turn Cassia cinnamon powder into healthy flavorings and natural seasoning products due to its robust taste. For instance, Simply Organic mulling spice mix, McCormick’s garam masala, Kellog’s special K brown sugar cinnamon cereal, and Nature Valley’s crunchy cinnamon granola. 

As a result, you can consider Cassia cinnamon powder as an ingredient in your upcoming seasoning products. Cassia cinnamon powder’s potent taste can endure for up to 3 years. Consequently, it can be stored for a long time.

Cassia Cinammon Step
Clove Steps

Cloves Whole

As a matter of fact, showing that a business utilizes all-natural and high nutritional ingredients like the whole clove can lure a business/company into a good reputation among health-conscious consumers. Undoubtedly, utilizing natural ingredients will result in a better brand persona; natural, organic, or vegan-friendly brands. 

The whole clove is a key ingredient in countless food manufacturers mainly for flavorings. Some big brands utilize the whole clove by crushing it into little crumbs for tea like Davidson’s tea white orange with clove and Teavana’s spiced apple cider tea. Thus, it’s recommended for you to be creative with cloves for your products. You can store whole cloves for about 4 years without changing the taste.

Nutmeg Whole A/B

In case you have a nutmeg product line for retail, it’s a good idea to use it throughout sauces, meat flavorings, and tea products. Nutmeg’s high essential oil content (in the range of 80-100%) will result in its rich flavor that will be suitable to elevate the flavor of your products.

Whole nutmeg is frequently grated to channel its taste in the recipes and mingle with other ingredients. Using all-natural nutmeg will give your items a unique, potent flavor without any negative side effects. If properly preserved, the whole nutmeg can last for up to 4 years.


Nutmeg Ground

Ground nutmeg can last for up to 2 years with the right preservation. As a result, food manufacturers can store ground nutmeg in bulk in their warehouses for long periods.

These days, ground nutmeg is utilized as seasonings in food manufacturing. For instance, consider the pumpkin pie spice sold by Frontier Co-Op, which includes ground nutmeg among its ingredients. Following their step, you can renew your seasoning products’ formulation by adding ground nutmeg to add more flavor.

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"Wherever we operate, we establish long-term partnerships based on transparency and mutual respect. We aim to share expertise, provide training, and build local capabilities so that our trading partners deliver benefits to the people, communities and businesses we serve and partner with."

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important for food manufacturers to be alert about global market prices in order to gain more net profit and minimize profit loss. One of the best ways to increase your profit margin for your business is to execute direct trade with global suppliers like us. Connecting with a global supplier undoubtedly will connect you to global price markdown instantly, especially for one-time direct import purchases.

In fact, spices do not lose their best taste with the right preservation. Thus, we suggest you preserve each spice appropriately to lengthen its shelf life and maintain the rich flavors. That’s why purchasing spices in bulk is a wise decision for obtaining more net profit.

It’s always recommended to use your ground-form spices (vanilla bean powder, ground nutmeg, and Cassia cinnamon powder) within 6 months while it captures its best flavors. Whole spices like vanilla beans Grade A/Grade B, Cassia cinnamon stick, whole cloves, and whole nutmeg Grade A/Grade B can last for up to 1-3 years.

Our production & inspection team are highly trained to ensure the quality of our crops, from plantation to distribution. Therefore, we proudly introduce you to our triple-check inspection program where only the best quality spices are sent to avoid spice damage during the distribution process. We facilitate every spice distribution with dirt-free and 100% export-safe packaging as well.

A reliable spice supplier should benefit you with competitive prices, transparency of the long process behind the spices you purchased, flexible payment term, incoterm, and continuing product guarantee; all at once. Without a doubt, we provide these advantages for every bulk spice purchase.

A direct-trade supplier like us is your best option when it comes to purchasing spices in bulk. As a matter of fact, a direct-trade supplier who builds long-term partnerships with their farmers has more credibility to lock your contract price rather than small business exporters.

In submitting a quote, visit our website and go to the ‘Get a Quote’ section in the top right corner. Fill in the form and we will respond to you back within 24 hours.

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