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Do Earthquakes Affect Indonesia’s Spice Plantations?

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Facts About Indonesia

As a spice importer, you might wonder how severe the earthquake impacts on spice plantations. A widely known fact is that natural disasters like earthquakes have been the main threat to Indonesian agriculture for decades. The shaking ground during an earthquake can easily uproot the crops plants from the soil, while the water’s salinity impacts the soil’s quality and makes the soil unable to be planted for a certain period. Thus, the stabilization of the domestic spice supply chain and global exportation of the spice demands will deteriorate.

Frequent natural disasters are the most potential cause of severe damage to plantations in Indonesia. This article is a wrap-up on post-earthquake impacts in Indonesia, mainly in the agricultural sector. You’ll further discover:

Indonesian Disaster Management – A Way to Survive

earthquake impacts on spice plantations

Throughout the years, the Indonesian government has allocated the budget to finance the cost of these disasters to survive the post-disaster loss. The Indonesian government, rescue team, and other Indonesian citizens will unite to rebuild the victims’ lives through social fundraising, volunteering, sending emotional support through religious practices, and sending verbal support on social media.

This movement applies to the latest earthquake in Indonesia. As of Monday (November, 21) was not an ordinary day for most residents in the Java regions. The scope of destruction was reported after the magnitude 5.6 earthquake hit Cianjur, West Java. Hundreds of people are killed and thousands of buildings are flat to the earth.

Until today, the victims and other Indonesian citizens have helped each other to survive the post-effect earthquake. The rescue team is still reporting to evacuate the survivors from the debris, while the other survivors have built refugee tents to live in for a certain period.

Latest Earthquake Impacts on Spice Plantations

Until the time of this writing, there’s no report about the major destruction in the agricultural sector, including spices and other crops plantations, caused by the latest earthquake in the Cianjur region.

Although the tremor reached the other West Java regions like Bandung, Bogor, and the capital city, Jakarta, it didn’t reach the spice plantations areas, which are primarily located in Central Java for planifolia vanilla beans and the other islands of Indonesia for the other spices. Additionally, no damage to Cianjur’s paddy fields has been reported until today, considering this region is one of Indonesia’s largest rice-producing areas.

Indonesian spices supply and prices won’t collapse as the spice plantations in Indonesia aren’t affected. Hence, the exportation of vanilla beans in bulk and other spices demands can continue to be active.

Future Nature Threat on Indonesian Spices Plantations

Although the latest earthquake in Cianjur didn’t affect Indonesian spice cultivation, the Indonesian geographical position still increases the risk of natural disasters happening in the future. Indonesia sits atop the ‘Ring of Fire’ or numerous tectonic plates, making it prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, floods, forest fires, and volcanic activity year-round, especially if these natural disasters take place in the spice plantations area.

If the earthquake leads tsunamis to occur, it is highly possible to cause a more extensive scope of destruction, including in the agricultural sector, like what happened in the Aceh tsunami back in 2004. However, as natural disasters are unpredictable, Indonesian spice plantations are facing the risk of natural disaster impacts in the future.

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The frequent natural disaster leads most people to be concerned about supply availability. But with spice plantations spread across every island of Indonesia, it is still possible for this country to provide a persistent spice supply to fulfill global demand. Regardless of the obstacles, you can expect to get a year-round supply when buying vanilla beans in bulk from a direct-trade vanilla supplier.

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