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Comparing Organic Vs. Natural Vanilla Beans

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Organic Vs Natural Vanilla Beans

Step into the fascinating world of vanilla beans and you’ll find that grocers sell organic and natural. Both offer superior quality but does it make a difference?

Differences Between Organic Vs. Natural Vanilla Beans

Top vanilla producing countries like Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico and Uganda grow vanilla beans in bulk with strict sustainable measures. For this reason, the quality and satisfaction of healthy are guaranteed. Only real ingredients are used.

Organic vanilla beans differ from naturally grown beans in many ways. Certified organic vanilla must be grown according to strict regulations, meaning use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are forbidden. Additionally, organic farming methods are employed to ensure the sustainability of the environment where the beans are produced.

On the other hand, natural vanilla beans only means it was not organically certified. While they may or may not have been grown without chemical inputs, without certification you can’t be sure. Organic certification is an additional reassurance that what you’re buying and consuming is a product of clean cultivation practices with consideration for the environment.

It’s a long and challenging process to be certified USDA organic. The first inspection begins with a soil quality check. Farmers are not allowed to utilize any harmful substances on their land for a recorded time of 3 years. The certification process itself requires a minimum of 6 months and often takes longer.

With additional certifications also comes increase of price on your vanilla beans in bulk.

Despite the strict regulations of being organic-certified, there’s companies have been victims of fake organic certifications.

Additionally, most third-party certifications like USDA still allow certain types of pest-repellent chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides). Although the application falls behind the term ‘natural.’

For this reason, the choice is left to the customer whether they go organic or natural.

Purchasing organic-labeled vanilla beans in bulk mean merely spending the extra fee for very similar products.

What Does All-Natural Mean?

The FDA definition for all-natural ingredients (like vanilla beans) stands for any form of ingredient from nature as long as it’s not chemically loaded with artificial fillers like colorants, flavorings, or preservatives. In fact, all-natural vanilla beans are 90% farmed by the same technique as organic vanilla beans.

How Are Natural Vanilla Beans in Bulk Produced?

Indonesia, like Madagascar have strict protocols from cultivation to packaging and delivery of vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder.

The vanilla orchid (Vanilla planifolia), which is naturally produced in Indonesia and Madagascar, pollinates itself to generate the best vanilla beans in bulk. Natural vanilla has a distinct flavor profile that originates from hundreds of flavor components present in the bean pods. Vanilla growers must manually pollinate each blossom, a procedure requiring close observation and a thorough understanding of agriculture to avoid harmful pesticides and additional chemicals. Fully developed pods are plucked after 8 to 9 months of growth and then go through a lengthy curing process before becoming the aromatic beans we are all familiar with.

Organic Vs. Natural Vanilla Beans: Which Vanilla Beans Are Better for Food Manufacturers?

Without compromising the quality and taste of vanilla beans, most manufacturers turn their choice to all-natural vanilla beans to avoid extra fees for vanilla beans in bulk. By paying less, manufacturers are able to get the same high-quality vanilla beans in bulk as organic vanilla beans.

If you’re concerned about the quality of all-natural vanilla beans in bulk, it’s wise to partner with a vanilla supplier that provides you with transparency or detailed reports about the vanilla beans in bulk production. Knowing how vanilla is grown and what inspection procedures are set in place is worth knowing.

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is a direct-trade vanilla supplier that holds proven decades of results in supplying vanilla beans in bulk for countless food manufacturers, retail stores, and other enterprises. Our all-natural vanilla beans in bulk are certified with SGS certification and processed in an FDA-registered facility. We ensure the food safety of our vanilla beans in bulk. From our certifications, the vanilla beans in bulk have passed both the physical test (odor, color, and size) and compounds test (moisture content, microbiological test, and vanillin content).

We deliver vanilla beans in bulk, vanilla powder bulk, and other gourmet spices to your locations with a sustainable supply chain. Whether you’re in Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, and all of the United States, we deliver bulk vanilla beans with fast delivery with no middlemen. We’re committed to building the supply chain only between you and our farmers.

Save more on your vanilla beans in bulk order today. Connect with our spice specialist or request a quote for vanilla beans in bulk order here.

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