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Challenges Spice Suppliers Face in the Global Spice Market

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Global Spices Market

Operating a distribution business can be challenging for any type of commodity. Although emerging markets countries tend to be more competitive to enter, let us tell you our secret: Competing with the top players is highly possible if you know the key.

As it seems ‘effortless’ for the top spice suppliers, you’re about to find out why the road feels multiple times harder for a beginner spice supplier. In this article, we’ll break down the ways to compete with long-established competitors. You’ll further discover:

The Challenges Faced by New Spice Suppliers in Entering International Commerce

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Long-established spice suppliers have formed a deep relationship with local growers through the years. Thanks to their long-time partnership, long-established spice suppliers can supply raw materials on a constant basis. So that you can enjoy a plate of delicious food from your favorite restaurant nearby. However, based on our research, the top challenge for spice suppliers is to find a trustworthy supplier to have that quality guarantee persistently. Making sure you have an establishment with an international distributor is one of the keys to the success of the business idea.

The next challenge, providing continuing product assurances like those related to food safety requirements, has become a challenge. From government-owned certification (FDA) to third-party certifications (SGS), non-GMO (no genetically modified organisms content), and other certifications, the constantly updated standards might be a new limitation for new spice suppliers by costing an additional budget allocation for this requirement. Otherwise, it will be a barrier for sellers to fulfill more complex inquiries that require more certification to execute the sale.

In the final analysis, the last challenge is that your spice selection will define the degree of market rivalry. The more evenly distributed spices in the market, the smaller the chance to gain more profit. Spices that are produced in limited countries, like Planifolia vanilla beans, nutmeg, and clove, have a bigger gap to fill. Only limited suppliers are able to provide these exclusive spices, giving you a chance to gain more profit. If you’re unable to find a direct source of some spices in your country, participating in a global tradeshow and browsing via online can be an effective step.

How to Overcome the Barriers?

If you’re unable to fulfill the demand independently, partnering with other spice suppliers on bulk orders is definitely a good start. Once you are able to meet their quantity requirements at the most competitive price, your clients will likely add you to their list of alternative suppliers. In implementing this plan, it is effective to choose a spice supplier that can distribute you via container monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This way, you can further plan to provide continuous supply to your buyers. Make sure you know where they source and how the spices are being produced. Oftentimes, buyers will ask for certifications or additional information.

Another subject to note, improving selling points can be another plus point in entering new markets. Adding more value and mission to your products is worth considering. Selecting spices native to a country is highly recommended for a lower degree of rivalry. Indonesian vanilla beans, Indonesian nutmeg, and Indonesian clove are some examples. Of course, switching suppliers is easy for your potential customers if you have more benefits to offer.

Certified Spice Supplier in the United States

Where you purchase your raw ingredients matters; consider the benefits your suppliers can offer. If your certificates haven’t been issued yet, consider purchasing spices from suppliers who have received a food safety certification. Food safety compliance (FDA) or food industry certification (SGS) can be all you need for hassle-free dealing with FDA and USDA. Spending big chunks of money for your container to distribute your products from overseas, must be executed with high confidence.

Essence Food & Beverage, LLC is one of the good examples. The international organization that exists in both export and importing countries. Our bulk spices are processed in an FDA-registered facility and certified with SGS certification. We are qualified to import the food for you. We refuse to compromise the quality as we serve you the best spice selections.

When we focus on building a sustainable supply chain, we shorten it between you and our farmers. We strive to empower our farmers and continuously provide customers with the most competitive prices. Furthermore, we offer traceability and continued product guarantees for our bulk spices distribution to your U.S. locations. Purchase our spices today or request a quote for wholesale spice orders here.

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