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Supplying Businesses in California with Bulk Vanilla Beans & Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk Directly from the Source.

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Who We Are

Delivering high quality, all-natural bulk vanilla beans, pure ground vanilla powder, and spices to California businesses.

Where to buy vanilla beans in bulk starts here. From the very beginning, our commitment has been to shorten the supply chain from Indonesia to the United States. Purity in its essence is what we deliver, where farmers, communities, regions and the world benefit. from our sustainable vanilla/spice cultivations and exceptional logistics technologies.

Where To Buy Vanilla Beans in Bulk for
Commercial Use in California?

It’s never been this easy to buy spices from Indonesia online. We are your vanilla supplier in California and spice importer. If you looking for the best vanilla beans in bulk or vanilla pods wholesale, Essence Food and Beverage is here to support your business growth. You can expect the highest quality, all-natural vanilla beans bulk. Whether you are a small businesses or national manufacturer in California, we delivery on time, all the time. We service San Diego bakeries, Long Beach hotels, San Francisco coffee shops, manufacturers in Riverside, San Jose, Los Angeles, and all of California.

All-Natural Spices by Pallet and Container for Commercial Use in California

Our process of delivering spices directly from the source to companies in California is easy and cost efficient. We offer flexible payment terms to support your purchasing cycles. With our triple check inspection on all spices, you can expect the same quality and freshness every time.

Why Choose Us?

Ethically Sourced

We are passionate to create meaningful purposes through our raw ingredients and the community we are engaged in. Therefore, we ensure your every spice purchase helps to empower the farmers.

We are committed to shortening the supply chain where the connection is between the farmers and you.

Quality Product

We refuse to cut corners and compromise in producing our gourmet spices. Our production team and inspection team are highly trained to ensure only the excellent quality spice we sent to you through our triple-check inspection program. After all, we provide your spice purchase with safety packaging during the shipping process to avoid undesirable spices damage.

Express Shipping

Without a doubt, we ensure your spices in bulk are delivered securely and on-time. We provide you with a trackable notification system that enables you to self-track your spices shipping process to avoid undesirable delays. Log In here.

Competitive Price

By cutting out the middlemen, we provide our customers with a competitive price below your distributor’s price for every spice order. 

Our 20 years of a strong relationship with our farmers enables us to protect our clients from surging prices by locking the prices and maintaining them at their friendliest price.

Sustainable Supply Chain

In pursuit of our spice purity, we’re fully aware of every life we touch. Therefore, an ethical and environmental supply chain is our non-negotiable value.

From human rights to sustainable logistics, we provide farmers, communities, cities, and counties with end-to-end visibility of our sustainable supply chain.


One thing is for certain, our customer satisfaction comes first. We’re prioritized in making our customers at the forefront of the decisions and development we make.

We strive to understand our customers’ needs for our raw ingredients and provide them with our best-quality spices. Undoubtedly, making happy customers is always in our company’s DNA.

Industries We Proudly Serve in California

Based in Los Angeles, we thrive on quality, value, and continued product guarantees. To ensure your satisfaction, we deliver our freshest spices directly to the U.S from Indonesia with an on-time delivery guarantee. Specializing in supplying our clients with all-natural ingredients, we build deep relationships with countless partners throughout our business journey.

Our gourmet spices have brought us to serve a wide range of different industries. Among them is the food manufacturing industry like you. Find out more about them below!

Distributing Wholesale Vanilla Beans to Bakery & Pastry Shops in California

We deliver small or bulk orders of bulk vanilla beans Grade A and Grade B. Our famous vanilla bean powder is a perfect alternative to vanilla extract. Cinnamon powder and nutmeg available at wholesale price.

Supplying Vanilla Beans in Bulk to Food Manufacturing Companies

Partner with us and you get continuing product guarantees. We are your one stop marketplace for Indonesian spices directly from the source. Get started by submitting the form below.

Culinary Arts Spice Distributor in California

From San Diego to Los Angeles, we delivery spices in bulk of all sizes to culinary and bakery schools. We are your source for high quality spices at the lowest price. Perfect for education purposes. Start saving today.

Dessert Manufacturing Spice and Vanilla Supplier

Essence Food & Beverage will be your reliable vanilla supplier. Your go-to vanilla supplier directly from the source where the supply chain is between you and the farmers. We make it easy to buy vanilla beans in bulk. Buy online and save on Planifolia/Tahitian bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk.

retail ready packaging of indonesian spices

Private Label & Retail Trade Services

Indonesian spices are some of the most popular and widely used in the U.S today. It’s a big step to start your private label, or better yet and a large purchase order not knowing if you are going to sell. Essence Food and Beverage guides you on getting the price for private label from sourcing to packaging and importing. The first step is to schedule a consultation with a spice specialist and cross ‘Where can I buy bulk vanilla beans’ from your list.

Are You Ready to Save on Bulk Vanilla Beans or Spices? We Are Too.

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