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Benefits of 100% Pure Ground Vanilla Bean

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difference of vanilla powder & vanilla bean powder

When you hear ‘vanilla powder,’ what comes to your mind? White-colored powder with a strong floral, earthy aroma? 

The word vanilla gives us expectations of being a white-colored powder in the spice aisle. However, the white-colored powder of vanilla powder clearly tells you that they are made from mostly additional sweetener (rather than pure ground vanilla bean powder!). 

In fact, the mass-produced vanilla powder at the retail store is not pure ground vanilla bean powder. 

Hence, in the midst of various vanilla powder –which are sugar-coated as so-called pure ground vanilla bean powder– choices, you should consider some things in choosing pure ground vanilla bean powder to give you full benefits from its purity including how they look.

How Pure Ground Vanilla Beans Are Made?

Pure ground vanilla beans

In order to ground vanilla bean powder, we must harvest the vanilla beans in bulk first. At this point, it takes 8-9 months to properly harvest the vanilla beans in bulk before going through the sun-dried process. After a bulk vanilla beans are dried in cloth sheets, they proceed to the grinding stage. Reaching the final production step, the 100% pure ground vanilla bean powder packs without any additional chemical ingredients.

If you own a gelato shop, you might find yourself struggling with the time-consuming gelato-making preparations. Grade A vanilla beans undeniably contribute to the rich vanilla taste. Alternatively, ground vanilla bean powder works just as great. 

Moreover, since ground vanilla bean powder is a raw and natural ingredient with no added artificial flavoring agents or alcohol content, you will have the competitive advantage of promoting  vegan-friendly, and healthy gelato flavors for your health-conscious customers.

Risks of Artificial Vanilla

Ground vanilla beans at its purity, helps to improve your quality of life as well. If you are experiencing autoimmune disorders, mistakenly distinguishing vanilla powder and pure ground vanilla bean powder can be a serious problem. Your additional flavorings intake limitation matters.

Moreover, vanilla powder is more likely to advertise as pure ground vanilla beans when it actually contains additional sweeteners. As a solution, you can consider ground vanilla bean powder as a replacement for vanilla extract. By comparison, for the same ratio of 1 tablespoon, ground vanilla bean powder only contains 20 calories. It’s lower than vanilla extract at 38 calories.

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Using vanilla extract can be an unfavorable choice for the bakery baker these days. The alcohol content in vanilla extract is a non-vegan-friendly ingredient and harmful to several diseases. Referring to these issues, your customers might be looking for an alternative to support their health. These problems lead you to the best solution. Now, it is time for you to support your health-conscious customers by replacing artificial sweeteners with natural ingredients.

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Why Ground Vanilla Bean Powder among other Vanilla Products?

ground vanilla beans

Living a healthy lifestyle raises the demand for natural ingredients, baked goods, foods, and beverages. Therefore, it is a perfect time to consider ground vanilla bean powder as a replacement for unnatural sweeteners in your main ingredient list in your bakery and pastry shop. But, what makes pure ground vanilla bean powder the best substitute for other vanilla products?

1. Original from nature

Ground vanilla beans become a natural option to replace your artificial sweeteners. It is a 100% all-natural ingredient made from only pure ground vanilla pods. Shortly, it does not contain any blend of other chemical ingredients and artificial flavors or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). 

Make your first move with pure ground vanilla pods. Change your artificial vanilla sweeteners to natural rich vanilla bean powder. The cost in bulk will surprise you.

2. Supporting your health-conscious customers

Vanilla bean powder contains low calories per serving, making it suitable as a replacement for unhealthy artificial flavorings. Specifically, for the consumers who are on a strict keto diet but still craving flavorful low-carb desserts. Eat sweets with no regrets! 

The alcohol content in vanilla extract and any additives in vanilla paste become a consideration for health-conscious customers. Moreover, for those who are on a clean eating program and AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet. In these cases, they are prohibited from consuming alcohol-contained products and artificial flavorings (vanilla extract is included!). 

Thus, they are looking for a raw unsweetened alternative. Most of the time, their choice goes to ground vanilla bean powder as the additional flavoring agent for their dishes. In addition, it contributes to level up the demand for health-based food and beverage as well. 

Ready to bring your business to soar, pastry owners and restaurateurs? You can utilize your pure ground vanilla pods to make health-based products.

3. A Natural Source of Beneficial Health Properties

Pure ground vanilla pods and vanilla beans are widely known to be the most natural source of vanillin content without added chemicals. So no surprise that it’s capable of presenting potential health benefits with no negative after-consumption effect. Vanilla beans are scientifically proven to have antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antinociceptive agents that help to cure several diseases (Vijayalakshmi et al., 2019). 

For decades, vanilla beans have been utilized in traditional medicine. This includes treatment for fever, muscle contraction, and even gastrointestinal issues (Singletary, 2020). In recent years, vanilla beans’ beneficial properties have drawn the attention of modern pharmaceutical, aromatherapy, and beauty industries. Today, it’s not challenging to find it substantially utilized as a natural flavoring for medicine, beauty, and wellness products. 

4. A Go-To Substitute Ingredient for Liquid-Sensitive Recipe and High-Heat Baking Process

Pure ground vanilla bean powder is a versatile ingredient that in recent years has been recognized as the best substitute for alcohol-based flavoring like vanilla extract. Pure ground vanilla bean powder isn’t carried in a medium that is prone to evaporate. So it blends perfectly with a recipe that calls for a high-temperature baking process. Pure ground vanilla bean powder isn’t sensitive to high temperatures, so concentrated vanilla flavor can be entirely retained in the baked goods.

Some baked goods recipes like macaron are sensitive to additional liquid. For this reason, most bakers turn their options to powder-based flavoring like pure ground vanilla bean powder when expecting a more concentrated vanilla flavor for liquid-sensitive recipes. Now, feel free to add as much pure ground vanilla bean powder to your baked goods as you want!

5. Rich vanilla flavor compared to other vanilla products

Since it does not contain alcohol, ground vanilla bean powder is resistant to high-heat baking processes and low temperatures. As a result, it is a perfect match for baking goods or making vanilla-flavored ice cream! 

Another advantage that comes from ground vanilla bean powder is you need only a smaller ratio compared to other vanilla products. Thus, it suits the best for a recipe with a dominant vanilla flavor. For instance, you will need only ½ teaspoon when a recipe requires 1 whole vanilla bean. Surprisingly, it still gives you the strong flavor of vanilla. Ground vanilla bean powder is easy to use, mix well with cold and hot brews like coffee, tea, and chocolate drink.

However, in purchasing ground vanilla bean powder, especially if you buy vanilla bean powder bulk, you need to be careful. Is it just artificial vanilla powder with additional chemicals, or is it all-natural ground vanilla bean powder? And how to get a reliable source of wholesale vanilla bean powder or pure vanilla bean powder bulk?

Where to Buy Wholesale Ground Vanilla Bean or Vanilla Bean Powder Bulk?

If you’re switching to a healthier lifestyle, it’s worth switching to health-conscious products like natural sweeteners. In recent years, more people have substituted their artificial sweeteners with natural ones like pure ground vanilla bean powder.

After becoming reliable partners of healthy-products businesses all over the world, Essence Food & Beverage LLC (a direct-trade vanilla supplier) only supplies wholesale vanilla powder and vanilla bean powder bulk with the highest quality –dark brown ground vanilla, no additives and additional ingredients, rich vanilla flavor– to our vanilla supplier. 

We source the direct trade of our vanilla bean powder bulk order. 100% made naturally from the blend of pure Tahitian and Planifolia Indonesian bulk vanilla beans. Sent from Indonesia to the US with no middlemen, distribute directly to you. Now, feel free to reach us at [email protected] or call (844) 423-1179 for more information about vanilla bean powder bulk.

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