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5 Questions to Consider When Buying Vanilla Protein Powder

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Questions when buying vanilla protein powder

Some people hope to gain muscle mass when buying vanilla protein powder, while others want to lose weight with the help of protein powder. However, from whey-based to soy-based, vanilla-flavored to chocolate-flavored, or cheap to expensive price, which one will give you the desired result?

We know that fully committed to the gym, starting or even living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging when it comes to choosing commercially health-conscious products in the retail store/e-commerce aisle. Thus, this article is the ultimate guide in buying vanilla protein powder that matches your needs. You’ll further discover about:

Real Vanilla Bean Protein Powder Vs Artificial Vanilla Protein Powder

Real vanilla protein powder

In buying vanilla protein powder, this question should come to your first concern; is it real vanilla bean protein powder or just a so-called vanilla bean protein powder?

You might enjoy drinking your vanilla protein powder all the time until you know it might give you undesirable health effects. There are various selections of vanilla bean byproducts that play a role as flavorings. Ground vanilla bean powder, vanilla powder/sugar, and vanilla extract to name a few.

Some products capture the full vanilla health benefit by using all-natural ingredients, while some of them are just trying to mimic the vanilla beans’ flavor by using lab-created vanillin or artificial sweetener that will ruin your healthy plans.

To make vanilla protein powder worth adding to your cart, it’s wise to scan your vanilla protein powder’s ingredients list until you spot the most natural flavoring. The ground vanilla bean powder or ground vanilla pods.

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What is the Protein Source?

Aside from food protein/amino-rich foods sources, protein powder is also the new source in fulfilling protein intake these days. Mainly for the bodybuilder, athlete, and gym fanatics in which protein for daily consumption is highly required.

So many protein powder brands offer interesting choices; from animal-based to plant-based, vanilla-flavored to unsweetened, all-natural ingredients or amplified with additional chemicals, and many more on the lists. In other words, you can choose your protein powder based on your preferences and considerations.

For instance, if you’re a vegan or lactose intolerant, you should go with a plant-based one like pea, hemp, or rice. On the other hand, if you are a non-vegan one, animal-based protein powder like whey or milk can be a perfect match for you.

Is It Complete Protein?

We can say that a protein powder is a complete protein if it contains 9 essential amino acids to fulfill what our body can’t produce. Additionally, a balanced combination of all these essential amino acids is beneficial for muscle repair and muscle mass building, and this is what most bodybuilders and athletes are looking for.

In fact, while a whey-based protein powder is a naturally complete protein, some plant-based protein powders don’t. To illustrate, rice protein powder contains low amounts of amino acid lysine compared to others. However, a blend of plant-based protein powders can fix this problem in which one source can fulfill what other sources lack.

Is the Powder Sweetened with Real Ingredients?

Protein powder with real vanilla beans

You might think that as a health-conscious product, protein powders sold commercially undoubtedly utilize all-natural ingredients, including natural sweeteners like vanilla bean powder bulk. Unfortunately, it turns out that not all protein powder producers/manufacturers choose this way.

Oftentimes, protein powders get its flavor from artificial vanilla flavorings to amplify the flavor. For example, not all vanilla protein powder contains vanilla bean powder bulk. Most of them get its flavor from artificial sweeteners instead of real vanilla beans.

Thus, a rule of thumb for those who are concerned about sugar intake: Choose protein powder with natural flavorings only. Be it stevia, monk fruit, Cassia cinnamon powder, or ground vanilla bean powder.

What Are the Benefits of Vanilla?

The purity of planifolia vanilla beans or ground vanilla bean powder helps in improving your quality of life. Besides its benefit as a replacement for unnatural sweeteners for those who are limiting their sugar intake, vanilla beans show a positive effect in helping to reduce anxiety and depression as well. As a result, vanilla beans are utilized by countless food manufacturers to beauty industries as a part of wellness products including protein powder/dishes flavoring and aromatherapy products.

Whether vanilla beans protein powder or ground vanilla bean powder for baking goods, utilizing all-natural vanilla beans and their organic byproducts will benefit you with positive health impacts. Essence Food & Beverage LLC sources you with one of the best Tahitian/Planifolia vanilla beans in bulk and vanilla bean powder bulk from Java Island, Indonesia. Buy vanilla beans wholesale and vanilla bean powder bulk today. Request a quote on your order of Indonesian Planifolia bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk here or contact us at (844) 423-1179.

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