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3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Vanilla (or Any Ingredient) in Bulk

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broker vs. vanilla supplier

Making purchase orders can be daunting, especially when doing business with new suppliers. Asking around for recommendations has turned to going on Google and typing ‘Spice Supplier Near Me’ or ‘Vanilla Suppliers Near Me.

With today’s global supply chain challenges, the price for raw materials in bulk or containers has dramatically increased. The good news is, other solutions are available at hand for buyers to have an easy buying experience and still get fresh ingredients (or spices) directly from the source.

In this article, you will discover new opportunities to simplify the buying process, know how to save on bulk orders online, and receive better-quality products for commercial use.

In this article, we will go over:

Should I Buy from an Ingredient Broker or a Supplier?

buying vanilla beans bulk

To find the best place to buy bulk vanilla beans, it’s important to first understand the difference between vanilla brokers and vanilla suppliers.

A supplier owns the responsibility of sourcing raw materials, importing directly from the growers, selling, and distributing goods. A broker is a third-party representative who purchases raw material from an importer (oftentimes referred to as a supplier) or otherwise does not own or hold inventory at any time. Brokers earn a commission or increase prices based on bulk sales resulting in higher prices at times.

A reliable supplier eliminates the middlemen resulting in lower prices and discounts. Suppliers typically source, produce, export/import, and distribute. Although brokers and suppliers have their own responsibilities in the global supply chain, we must mention one thing in common. They sell raw materials in large quantities, typically in bulk, by pallet, or by containers. The price of the goods varies based on who you buy from.

Vanilla Cultivations

Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between a broker and a supplier, the second question comes. What you should ask yourself before buying vanilla beans in bulk is; Where does the bulk vanilla beans grow, produce, and package?

It is true that vanilla doesn’t get its aroma from the orchid. In fact, the vanilla beans need to go through the 9-month curing process. To achieve its best color, aroma, and flavor, the vanilla beans need a wrapping process until it gets sweaty.

Another crucial point is to know how the vanilla is harvested. This way, it allows you to understand whether farmers use pesticides or additional chemicals.

The sustainable, traditional farming practices, much like in Java, Indonesia use zero preservatives, contain no added chemicals, and are naturally grown.

Read this article to learn more about Where Vanilla is Grown.

Do Vanilla Suppliers or Brokers Offer Discounts or Free Shipping?

buying vanilla beans bulk

You now have enough background and transparent information regarding the role of the broker-supplier in the supply chain and the different vanilla prices. After doing some research, you come to the final question before making a purchase order of bulk vanilla beans or vanilla bean powder bulk.

A rule of thumb when searching for your next supplier or broker, you should always consider asking if they offer discounts and/or free shipping. Take Essence Food and Beverage, for example, a vanilla supplier in Los Angeles. When buying online, the price of bulk vanilla beans vary based on the quantity per kilogram (2.2lbs per kg). Upon ordering online, we apply free shipping to all bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk orders.

But whether you are buying bulk vanilla beans and vanilla bean powder bulk from a broker or directly from the source – a-direct trade vanilla supplier, you now have a good understanding of what to look for before making a purchase.

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